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I am From Bellevue – Opening

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Greg Lundgren-Bellevue_2

Greg Lundgren_Bellevue

I am From Bellevue, an installation by Greg Lundgren, opened at Open Satellite on July 10th and runs through August 1st. It was a really strange adventure through suburban folklore and cultural identity. There was a nice article in the Seattle Times and if you want to learn more (but don’t want to/can’t make it to Bellevue to see the installation, learn more here:

96 Entries for the Arbitrary Art Grant in Sculpture

Thursday, May 21st, 2009



Thank you to all who found themselves in the grocery store constructing their submission for this years Arbitrary Art Grant in Sculpture. We will be randomly selecting a winner this week, which is quite interesting in itself, and announcing a winner, as well as the next grant in our series. To find out more about up coming Arbitrary Art Grants as well as other future Vital 5 projects, join our mailing list.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009


Dada Economics

September 4 – 7, 2009

Olympic and Orcas Rooms
2009 Bumbershoot Festival
presented by Vital 5 Productions
curated by Greg Lundgren

Vital 5 will be curating a large-scale exhibition at Bumbershoot this Labor Day (September 4 -7), outlining the submissions and documentation of its Arbitrary Art Grant series. Not only will Dada Economics showcase the hilarious and often brilliant submissions collected over the year, three grants in Photography, Architecture and Fashion Design will be in full swing and active to Bumbershoot participants, creating a swelling mass of creativity and live performance. Check back through the spring and summer for new announcements and previews, or join our mailing list so you can find out about our seemingly absurd grant program.


There is an art grant for $500.00 that 500 people apply for. Each person takes on average 4 hours to complete the application, formatting images of their work and writing an argument why they should receive the award. The total amount of time spent applying for this grant is 2,000 hours.

A committee of 10 meets and spends 6 hours each reviewing the applications and selecting a winner. The total amount of time spent selecting a winner is 60 hours.

The winning artist receives the $500.00 and spends 30 hours creating their work.

The total amount of time spent to create this 1 artwork is 2,090 hours.

Some people think it is great. Some people think it is horrible, but all would agree that 2,090 hours is a lot of time to spend on 1 act of art.

There is an Arbitrary Art Grant for $500.00 that 500 people apply for. Each person takes on average 1 hour to create a work of art based upon simple instructions. There is no time spent on applications.

The total amount of time spent applying/performing a creative act is 500 hours.

There is no committee to labor over the entries, but instead, the winner is selected through an absurd and entirely random way, to insure that all applicants have a fair chance at winning the $500.00.

One person is awarded $500.00 for their 1 hour of work.

500 unique pieces of art have been created in 500 hours.

Some of the pieces are great, some of the pieces are horrible, but all would agree that 500 pieces is a lot of artwork created for $500.00.

Thursday, March 12th, 2009


I am From Bellevue

July 10 – August 3, 2009
an installation by Greg Lundgren
at Open Satellite

I am from Bellevue is a large-scale installation exploring the concept of suburban identity and the environments in which an artist is raised. Greg Lundgren was born and raised in the idyllic backdrop of suburban Bellevue, Washington. Like many suburban youth reaching adulthood, Greg found a great urgency to enter big city life and leave the sheltered, culturally homogenous landscape of his upbringing. Twenty years later, he returns with a theory and an experiment to construct his modern identity with the artifacts of his suburban tribe.


Thursday, March 12th, 2009


Arbitrary Art Grant Series

April 1 – September 6, 2009

Vital 5 Productions in association with Artists For a Work Free America are proud to announce the return of the Arbitrary Art Grant. From April through September of 2009, we will be announcing, organizing and distributing piles of cash (in $500.00 grants) to random people participating in a variety of mediums. New Arbitrary Art Grants in sculpture, writing, performance, fashion design, architecture, music and painting will be announced throughout the year, with the project culminating at the year’s Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle. Some grants take place in the Seattle area, while others are open to international participation, so keep a look out, or join our mailing list for regular updates.

Sculpture Grant– Announced March 20, 2009 (International)

Writing Grant – Announced May 30, 2009 (International)

Dance Grant – Announced June 5, 2009 (international)

Painting Grant – Announced June 19, 2009 (International)

Acting Grant – Announced June 30, 2009 (Seattle-based)

Curatorial Grant – Announced July 9, 2009 (International)

Cooking Grant – Announced july 17, 2009 (International)

Music Grant – Announced August 5, 2009 (International)

Fashion Design Grant – Announced September 4, 2009 (Seattle-based)

Architecture Grant – Announced September 4, 2009 (Seattle-based)

Photography Grant – Announced September 4, 2009 (Seattle-based)

Future grants to be determined.

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009


Cell Everything

April 3, 2009, 7PM – 10PM

A one night only performance at
Vermillion Gallery
1508 – 11th Avenue, Seattle

The cell phone has become the dominating tool in how we communicate with the world, receive news, document our lives and socialize. We are texting, checking and writing email, reading the news and playing games. For better or for worse, Cell Everything recognizes the role of this tool in our lives, and asks fifty diverse artists to explore ways to deliver their art through handheld devices.  For one evening,  Vermillion gallery will be void of visual art. The walls will be covered in ten digit phone numbers, and dialing one unlocks a private door between the visitor and the artist.  Greg Lundgren has assembled an amazing cast of visual and performing artists, actors, musicians and  writers. Join us April 3rd  bring your cell phone and start dialing. You may not believe your ears.

Participating artists include: Iole Allesandrini, Aaron and Jessixa Bagley, Crystal Barbre, Christopher Coleburn, Holly Deye, Jed Dunkerley, Janet Galore, Edward Galore,  Nicole Grant, Tyler Hansen, Kate Fernandez, Flatchestedmama, Wendy Fujinaga, Brock Hansen, Allen Johnson, Marya Sea Kaminski, April Kling, Rick Klu, Tina LaPlant, Michael Leavitt, Rich and Sarah Lehl, Steven Miller, Mike Min, Christophe Osborn, DK Pan, Bre Pettis, Arne Pihl, Jason Puccinelli, Randy McCoy,  Matthew Richter, Sara Rudinoff,  Big Dirty Seann, Korby Sears, Adam Sekuler, Erin Shafkind, SuttonBeresCuller, Curtis Taylor, Sam Trout, Grady West, Robert Zverina and others to be announced.