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PDL at Crawl Space Gallery

Friday, October 16th, 2009


Performance art group PDL will be engaging in some distinctly unusual street theater this October 24th, in part of an exhibition entitled “Stranger Circumstances” curated by Jennifer Cambell.

The exhibit, as described by Crawl Space:

Stranger Circumstances is a curated exhibition bringing together artists who devise strategies in their art practices to connect with people they would otherwise never encounter.  In this current moment of social and economic uncertainty, we have seen the general public pulling together in order to make a difference in the world around them.  This trend often means trusting in and interacting with strangers in order to build stronger and healthier communities. Stranger Circumstances is an exhibition of works and performances by artists who put stock in experimental social exploration and have therefore decided to approach strangers either as collaborators, research subjects or participants in unconventional performances.

Stranger Circumstances highlighted in Jen Graves’ Fall Preview:

‘Stranger Circumstances’

Artists always want you to do something nowadays: No more passive spectatorship. What the hell do they really want from you, and how does this relate to the current political, economic, and social moment? Seattle artist trio PDL joins Italian artist Massimo Guerrera, Montreal’s Alana Riley, and Vancouver’s Ron Tran in considering—and taking part in—more awkward, open-ended, and infinitely hopeful encounters between artists and strangers. Nov 7–29. Crawl Space, 504 E Denny Way #1, 201-2441. JG

As far as PDL is concerned, you just have to show up. There will be six performances between 6:30 pm and 9:00 pm, with limited audiences for each showing. And since strangers are very much part of the theater, no two episodes will be alike. Please email us if you would like to make a reservation for one of the six performances, happening every half hour, outside the gallery. It is entirely free but space is limited. Email us: