Giant Steps – Lift Off!


We had a wonderful sold-out opening party for Giant Steps on March 3rd. Ben von Wildenhaus sat perched in the rafters, geared up in a spacesuit and playing an electric guitar with Jon Sampson responding on his saxophone. Beecher’s Cheese came prepared with 20 pounds of cheese curds and the most beautifully crafted smiling parmesan Moon you’d ever seen. The bar dispersed silver mylar bags with vodka and rum drinks – straws poked through just like an astronaut would drink them. And 650 people roamed the gallery, looking at 55 exhibits presenting their unique ideas for making art on the Moon.

The night before our esteemed jury gathered and spent three hours absorbing and contemplating what artist should win the $10,000.00 grand prize. It was a fascinating conversation – one I wish could have been recorded in some way – and at last a winning entry emerged.

During the opening party, each guest was given a small glass moon (okay we used marbles but they did look good) to vote for the People’s Choice Award, and as we approached 10:00 pm, we gathered everyone around to announce the winners of our conceptual Moon residency. Artists Carrie Bodle and Amaranth Borusk won the grand prize and a big check for 10k while Janet Galore walked away with $500.00 and the People’s Choice Award. Spirits and energy was high, and both artists and patrons alike knew there was much more to Giant Steps than those two highlighted awards.


We hope you can see the exhibit for yourself – it is a wide spectrum of ideas to consider and no fast task to walk through, but you can’t help but consider our future in space and what art and culture we will take along with us. Thank you all for making it such a wild success and we hope to see you over the weekend, through April 3, before this landmark exhibit takes off for destinations unknown. Please visit for more information.

– GL

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