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A New Poster from AFWFA

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

We over at Vital 5 Productions have been busier than ever! And in all that activity, we often forget to update our website… and blog… so I’m going to try and play catch up and post a lot of things grossly out of date and long since missed. The first (but in no particular order) is a new poster from Artists For a Work Free America (AFWFA to those in the know). The Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings reminded us of the harsh truth that people have a bad habit of using guns and violence to express themselves. Yes, we do need to curb access to deadly weapons and yes, we need to take better care of those suffering from mental illness, but I do feel that the root of the problem is based upon the fact that too many people  lack the proper tools to safely express themselves. That instead of reaching for a rifle or a pistol, people reach for a pen to write, a brush to paint, a microphone to shout into. Art is the way we express our problems and fears, it is the way we escape loneliness and despair, it is the way we keep our water from boiling over.

This poster was  created the day after the Sandy Hook shootings. Maybe it won’t stop another senseless act of violence, but we hope people recognize that there are ways that we can curtail these types of  events from happening. Taking guns away is not enough and having better access to mental health is part of the solution, but I firmly believe that the root of the problem is our inability to properly communicate, our quite desperation. And paintbrushes and microphones are the tools we must employ to combat this growing and very real threat to our cultural health.