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About PDL

Coin Drops

Theatre Hitchhiking

The PDL Rap


Offspring at Olympic Sculpture Park

Ceci N'est Pas Une Swing Set @ OSP

Portable Confessional Units

Deep Space at Motel, Motel, Motel

Seattle Art Museum
Unauthorized Audio Tour

SQUAT at Kerry Park

Wake(up) at OSP

Wind Farm in Bellevue Park

Blog Theatre

Zoo to You Foundation at Free Sheep

Portland Art Museum
Unauthorized Audio Tour

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Jason Puccinelli, Jed Dunkerley and Greg Lundgren had collaborated for years on a variety of art projects, but the winter of 2006 found them particularly excited about the same ideas and it just made sense for them to work collectively. Calling themselves PDL was also a direct reference and challenge to another Seattle-based art trio, and good friends, SBC (SuttonBeresCuller). They had no dreams of making it big or quitting their day jobs. It was their lack of dependency on the art world and sheer disregard for authority that brought them together and drove their projects. Under the guise of PDL they found a great freedom to explore and challenge the notion of what contemporary art is, what it could be and whom it should serve.

As time passes, PDL has collaborated with other artists (notably Arne Pihl, Mike Katell and Michael Leavitt) and reflects not so much an artist trio as a non-traditional approach to contemporary art and performance.



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