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Offspring at Olympic Sculpture Park

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Deep Space at Motel, Motel, Motel

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SQUAT at Kerry Park

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Zoo to You Foundation at Free Sheep

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PDL raps

Some ideas brewed up at three in the morning really do need to be properly vetted before being embarked upon. You know, ask around a bit, get some feedback, really consider the talent involved. That did not happen with the PDL rap. Maybe someone had called us a boy band and we took it too seriously. But we wrote a rap (okay, Jed wrote the rap) and we found a good back beat. It was fast and hard to memorize. Big words and unconventional breaks in the beat. But we did memorize that song and somehow managed to take it to the ridiculous level of performing it in public — three microphones on top of a bar. Thank god there is no camera footage of the event, though we did manage to humiliate ourselves at an unprecedented level. Performed live, we lasted about 15 seconds before Puccinelli flubbed his rhyme and proceeded to climb off the bar. In retrospect, it was probably the right thing to do. In rapping, we found the line — that place you just don’t go — and we crossed it, went right over the falls in a barrel.



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